Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bully gets dropped

:16-3-2011 found a new video because it was removed:
:24-3-2011 Jewtube is removing these like crazy dailymotion embed added:
i just love stories like this. the heavier kid apparently had been bullied for a while now and finally gets fed up with this kids crap and goes ZANGIEF STYLE (from street fighter).

Casey Heynes vs Bully by kleksiq

i was bullied a bit as a kid and i applaud him.
were his actions justified?
i think as long as he wasn't the one to strike first and there was no way of talking it out you should do something. what about you?


  1. It has been removed and that makes me sad.

  2. It was removed... I wanna see it plz!

  3. ive seen it before. haha its funny.

  4. lol yeah zangief kid is a badass!

  5. I heard about this video on Howard Stern the other day, this is first time I saw it though.

    This is why I encourage people to learn self defense!

  6. This has been in the news, current affairs programs, tabloids...despite a whole bunch of people trying to convince viewers what to feel, everybody is in support of Casey.